Start with why.


When it comes to investing in new technology, APE aims to already be where others wish to go.


We believe that our team has the skills, vision, and experience to position ourselves in sectors ready to be exploited by advances in technology.


After identifying areas at the cusp of change we seek out leading innovators, or build and position our own teams, and set about building businesses that have a technology based competitive advantage over incumbents or the old way of doing things.


We work with our teams and fledgling businesses to assist them develop products, strategies and sometimes even larger teams that solve problems efficiently. We prefer big problems, or small problems within a large market.


Our own team has experience in: science, technology, mobile platforms, marketing, finance, branding, law, and strategy.


We are industry agnostic, and have no set investment time horizons, we simply adjust our position based on the circumstances of the day and our views of the future.


If you believe in technology and building wealth by building a better future we’d love to work and invest with you.
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